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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Have You Gone Digital Yet?

Are you a newcomer to digital stamps, or have you been hesitating to try them? Try a free premium image at and see for yourself the freedom of digital stamps! You can resize, rotate, flip, and print! And the best thing is - you don't have to use valuable storage space.

"I didn't think using digital stamps would be my 'cup of tea', but I finally tried it this past weekend and I'm addicted!"

Have you gone digital yet? Post a comment and let us know why or why not! We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback.


  1. I absolutely adore using digital images for my cardmaking! I love the fact that each image can be re-sized to what I want or flipped to face a different way, but the thing I love the most is that they don't take up precious space in my craft room. Plus I can get several images for the cost of one traditional rubber stamp!

  2. Holly's right! Digital images are the answer to so many dilemmas! I was so scared to try them at first, not sure why...I mean, what can they do to ya? I'm just not too computer savvy, but I found that Squigglefly was so easy and so much fun to play with! If you ask me...SQUIGGLEFLY ROCKS! :)

  3. I love them. I don't have a craft shop near me, so everything I want is sent through the post. Digital images are delivered within 24 hours (sometimes instantaneously) and there is no Postage and Packaging. Just what I need to feed my addiction!

    Print them, leave them over night, then colour away to your hearts content on any paper you can print on. Ideal for paper piecing patterned paper too, just print and cut, no hanging about. Yay!

  4. Squigglefly is the first digital stamp company I ever heard of, let alone tried. And now I'm a very (that's VERY) proud DT member! I love it! I love the versatility of it. And hey! takes up no room in my "craft room"!


  5. I love digi stamps! I love the idea I just sit at the puter and pick the one I want to print!
    I never print just one, but a sheet full! No mess, no fuss! I can get any size i want and any direction! And they print SPOT ON everytime!
    I've been buying from SF for a long time!
    And now...Proud so say I'm on the DT!
    Thanks girls for a great selection of digi stamps!

  6. I began using digital images a while ago for all what's said. I even began to download my stamp's images. When I'm in a hurry; just have to print one (in the wanted size), nothing to take out of drawers! I think digital images are the future!

  7. Have been afraid to try them....I printed out a freebie and when I tried to color it...the ink bled. But now I have gone to color pencils, mineral spirits and a stump... so far so good...the ink doesnt run!!!

  8. I have a new printer so the ink doesn't run, but with my old one I just sprayed the image with a workable fixative and then colored with watercolors! I absolutely love these images for all the reasons mentioned above. Squigglefly is the bomb! Love it!

  9. I love digital stamping...
    Resizing is easy
    No problem storing the images
    Can be flipped left or that.
    I would like them in .png format to be
    able to print on cream or colored papers.
    I use the Gamsol and colored pencils to color my
    Thank you SquiggleFly!

  10. I too am addicted!!! They are just so easy to download and have at your fingertips in simply seconds!!! And no mess!! And the variety of images that squigglefly offers is amazing!!! And they are yours to use over and over-what more could a girl (or guy) ask for?!!

  11. I enjoy using digital stamps. I do my scrapbooking digitally and digital stamps seem like the next likely step. I find your website rather difficult to use. I would love to see just the newest additions in one spot and the others in catagories that are easier to access. Keep on bringing out new images.

  12. Hi, Barbara (bodastamps). We're sorry you find the website difficult to use - but wanted to point out that you can always find the newest images on our homepage at under "Newest Arrivals". In addition to showing all images on the "Shop" page, we also have the images categorized in the navigation to the right. If you have any suggestions on how we can make this easier to use, please let us know. We value all feedback!

  13. I know first time digital Image from PCS they make a challenge using their images that we can print but only for the challenge not using for another card. This is cool to see your digital Images and we can download the free sample too..woooww....can I buy it also from Germany..I live in Munich..Thanks for the answer :)

  14. I LOVE digistamps! I have used quite a few. I love the variety that Squigglefly offers. For me, the benefit of digis is the 'instant gratification'. I don't have to wait for a stamp to be shipped to Alaska. I also like being able to print them at whatever size I need.