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Friday, August 20, 2010

New Images, New Artist & Charity!

Hi, Everyone!

We've got a great new batch of images for you this weekend, including new images from new artist Laura Campbell! Laura is a super talented lady with a big heart to match - When you purchase images by Laura Campbell or Nina Brackett on Squigglefly, 100% of their profits go to The Theological Biblical Academy, or TBA, which trains church leaders in Croatia, and other former Yugoslav states, to study and preach God's Word. What better way to give back when you treat yourself!

We hope you enjoy the images, and have a great weekend!

Shy Bear: Santa's Sleigh

Shy Bear: Christmas Wonder

Swirly Pumpkin

Spook Owl

RSVP or Else

Heart Lollipop

Floral Window

Feline Matrimony

Trio of Friends

Girl's Tweetest Friend

Flying Fairy

Caged Bird Sings

Tot Turkey

Tot Squirrel

Tot Monkey

Tot Lion

Big and Little Sisters


Just a Thought

Gift Car


Birthday Cake Kaboodle

Where Oh Where

Turtle Racing

Trouble at School

Toothless Wonder

Terrible Mess

Bubble Blower Snowman

Bobbing War

Party Like an Animal

The Beauty of Pine


  1. such amazing images and a great charity to support! we have heard of a similar one in Columbia, so this is wonderful to have another to help! :)

  2. What a joy to be among such wonderful talent! Thank you for this opportunity to bless others!

  3. So cute! I still have to pick my free one. There's so many great ones to choose from........

  4. I hope many will spread the word about these opportunities to give and bless others. Thanks, Squigglefly.

  5. What an exciting opportunity for the stamper and to give to togethers - it is a WIN:WIN situation. Laura's images are divine, I am one of her biggest fans! I have blogged about this today! God bless you Laura and as you give ao freely! Thank You Squigglefly for making these images available to us all! {{{hugs}}}

  6. These are stunning - and what a way to support a Theological College. As Linda said, a win/win situation.