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Saturday, April 9, 2011

New Images, and Even More New Artists!

Squigglefly is SO pleased and anxious to announce THREE new artists making their debut this weekend - Joy Hall, Alecia Blake, and Janet Jones! Each of these ladies has such a unique style and flair, you're going to love their images! Check them out below, or visit each artist shop page by clicking their name above. Enjoy!!

{hugs} from Squigglefly

New Images

Sweet Beginnings

Spring Stripe

Watering Can

Sweet Girl

What's Up, Duck?


Reading with Kitty

Ice Cream Cones

Beach Birthday Girl

Carousel Ride

Flower Juggler

Daisies and Bees

Flowery Bear and Bees

Friends in the Flowers


Mushroom Garden

Head in the Sand

Coffee and Chocolate

Ant Picnic

Another Birthday

Scratching Rabbit

Hedge Hogs in the Garden

Love Bugs

Dr. Turtle

Curious Kitty

Italian Patio

Teenage Dreams

Golden Years

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Stressful Situations

Long Hair Maisy with Present

Little Maisy and Teddy Bear

Little Bunches, Maisy and Kaboodle

How Do You Do Suzie

Bunches and Maisy with Flower

Bearing Pressies

Baby Sister Daisy with Flowers

Spring Butterfly

Butterfly and Flower

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