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Monday, October 17, 2011

Squigglefly Challenge #120 - SFC120 - FACE YOUR FEARS!

BOO!!!  Did I scare ya?  :)

Congratulations to the winner of last week's YIPES STRIPES challenge:
The winner is Linda!

Congratulations, Linda!
Please contact Holly for your image.
Thank you for participating in the Squigglefly Challenge last week.

To win you must use a Squigglefly image.
Freebies are available on the Squigglefly website.

Thanks to everyone who participated last week's challenge (but we would love to see even more players)!
We can't wait to see your projects for this week!
Now... onto THIS week's challenge:
Halloween is coming...let's see some Halloween creations...the scarier, the better....OR, just face your fears! Spiders? Snakes? Heights? Let's see a creation that addresses what you fear! Fearless? Make something up! 
Show us your creativity and have fun!

This week, my team, Squigglefly's Marlene's Marvels
created the following this week for your inspiration:

JANE created this hilarious card!  I guess she's afraid of bats of the orange flowery type.  :)
Image is from the HALLOWEEN BUNCH set by artist Brian Lock.

Moving right along, we have this one (I can totally relate - I hate spiders!)
Laura used EEK! SPIDER! by artist Marlene S

Rhonda still believes witches are out there, and are real!  ;)

I think I sense a recurring theme, here.  EEK!  Another spider!
If all spiders were this cute, though, I'm sure I wouldn't be so afraid of them.
Perhaps Rebecca wouldn't be either...teehee.

Deena is more skeeved out by dust bunnies monsters under the bed! 
She says "NO! You can't make me clean under the bed!"
Deena used BED MONSTER by artist Marlene S.

Jan joins Rhonda in being scared of witches.
(Okay, I concede - they may have made that up....or I did...teehee.  It's entirely possible they were just going for the Halloween card theme, eh?)
Jan used WITCH MOON by artist Brian Lock.

And finally, last but not least, Marlene (that's me) had planned to keep the spider theme going.
(Come on, who is really afraid of a cute kitten in a jack-o-lantern?)
Alas, I thought I'd throw in a twist just to keep you all on your toes.
First - the spider card:
I used Halloween Kitty Boo! by artist Marla Shega for this one.

But since spiders were running rampant, and we needed to tone that down a bit,
out came the boobies!!  (More specifically, the dreaded annual squishy test otherwise known as the mammogram!)  Yes, I know it saves lives - my own mother is a 21 year survivor.  :)  Still, the contraption scares the heebie jeebies out of me.
For this one, I used LIVE A LITTLE by artist Marlene S. (That's me.)

Hope you enjoyed our creations today!
We showed you ours...
Now - let's see yours!

***Please take a look at the challenge rules- we updated them recently*** We realize that many people don't have blogs, but instead participate in our challenges using on-line galleries and we love that you are helping us spread the word about Squigglefly! However, many of the galleries require passwords and not all of us at Squigglefy belong to every gallery or group. To help us make sure we don't miss your artwork, we are asking that if you do use an online gallery that you leave us a comment on the challenge post. That way we'll be sure to have a member of the Squigglefly team who is a member of that gallery (SCS, CDAC, PCP, etc) can validate your entry.
1) If you up-load your creation to any on-line photo galleries, please use SFC120 for your keywords when loading your creation photo there.
1b) please leave a comment on the challenge blog post so that someone from Squigglefly can validate your entry for the prize.
2) You don't *have* to include a Squigglefly image on your creation, but in order to qualify for the prize you will need to use one! You can also combine SF images with non-SF images to qualify! Don't have one? There are several FREEBIES you can grab!
3) You have one week to complete the challenge and it will close Sunday evening. The winner will be announced at the same time the new challenge post comes be sure to check back EVERY Monday to see if you are a winner!
4) Please leave a direct link to your entry in the comments below. The our linking tool works sporadically and we don't want to miss your project! (No back-linking please!)


  1. what a fun bunch of awesome cards--great challenge Marlene!!

  2. I LOVE these! Wonderful inspiration here and such creative ways to show your fears!

  3. FABULOUS job, my fellow teamies! Can't wait to see what those entering the challenge come up with this week.

  4. Oh this is really a fun time to have a Fearful challenge. Thx ladies for your bravery! I've uploaded mine. Linda W.