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Monday, April 9, 2012

Squigglefly Challenge #14, SFC1412 Orange you Glad I didn't say Banana?

Welcome to the Squigglefly Challenge Blog!

Are you ready for a new contest? Well, first let me announce who won last week! Last week's challenge was to CASE a design team member's work. The Winner is Shirley Qu! She made this wonderful card using Old Barn from artist Lynne Stansbery.

Thanks to everyone for playing, its so much fun to see another crafter's work get CASEd and to see what someone does with the idea. Please contact Holly at, for your prize.
Now, on for this week's challenge, SFC1412, this week the theme is
"Orange you Glad I didn't say Banana?"

Ever had a little kid tell you a knock knock joke? Well here's one of the favorites:
Knock Knock; Who's There? Knock, Knock; Who's There? Banana. Banana Who?
Knock Knock; Who's There? Knock, Knock; Who's There? Banana. Banana Who?
Knock Knock....this will go on as the child giggles and the adults get bored....
at some point the kid will finally say
"Orange", Orange Who? "Orange, you glad I didn't say Banana?"
ha ha ha....then much like any child, they immediately start the SAME knock knock joke over.

So, this week's Squigglefly challenge is called "Orange you glad I didn't say Banana?" You can participate in this week's challenge using ANY of THESE THREE options:
1) you can either use the color scheme orange and yellow on your card; or
2) you can use any PUNNY joke/saying on your card; or
3) use any fruit themed image or embellishment on your card.

So, show me your best work and as always, we would love for you to include a wonderful image from Squigglefly; to win a prize you must do so, but it is not required to participate. Now, Let's start out with some fun samples to inspire you this week from the Holley Hobbyists.

Pat Martin made a wonderful summery card using a great image called Beach Babies by artist Alecia Blake and she added a delightful punny funny saying to it too.

Theresa Gerber made this fun card using Humpty Dumpty Falls by artist Monica Estill! She colored up the egg in orange, which is perfect for the challenge and for the Easter holiday, then she added a punny sentiment "Cracking up over you." Her card actually fills in TWO items of the challenge.

Shawna Sealander two different cards, one using the color combo and one using a very punny joke! The first card using this adorable teddy bear called Balloon Bear from artist Fawn Palmer. Check out the beautiful paper layering she did. Note: this stamp also includes a wonderful saying with it that is not shown here, it says "I miss you already."
Inside her card she added this funny saying:Her second card uses a very PUNNY saying "Shoot the Moon!" and she pairs it inside the card with a wonderful stamp from artist Monica Estill. What do you think this card looks like, hmmm?
Sure gave me a chuckle....Here's the inside of her card, the stamp inside is called Shoot the moon, and I love the sentiment that she added.

Charlene Mitchell created a beautiful card called An Upside Down Moment by artist Alecia Blake. Isn't that little girl adorable? I can SO see that little girl telling you a knock-knock joke!!
Tammy Hair made this adorable card in yellow and oranges, the image and the wonderful saying come from artist Marla Shega and it's called Hannah's Hat. Too cute!
And lastly, I (Holley Barnhart from Holley's Blog) completed both items 1 and 2 in the challenge by making my card both yellow and orange AND by adding a punny saying too. This brand new image is called Tulip display by artist Lynne Stansberry.
I hope these cards have inspired you to make a card this week for the "Orange you Glad I didn't say Banana Challenge." Don't forget...use yellow/orange or add a funny pun to your card or show me some fruit....can you do all three? I challenge you....

We realize that many people don't have blogs, but instead participate in our challenges using on-line galleries. We love that you are helping us spread the word about Squigglefly! However, many of the galleries require passwords and not all of us at Squigglefly belong to every gallery or group. To help us make sure we don't miss your artwork, we are asking that if you do use an online gallery that you leave us a comment on the challenge post. That way we'll be sure to have a member of the Squigglefly team who is a member of that gallery (SCS, CDAC, PCP, etc) can validate your entry.

1.) If you up-load your creation to any on-line photo galleries, please use SFC1212 for your keywords when loading your creation photo there. 1b) please leave a comment on the challenge blog post so that someone from Squigglefly can validate your entry for the prize.

2) You don't *have* to include a Squigglefly image on your creation, but in order to qualify for the prize you will need to use one! You can also combine SF images with non-SF images to qualify! Don't have one? There are several FREEBIES you can grab from the Squigglefly store, hop on over there. Those images will qualify you for the prize.

3) You have one week to complete the challenge and it will close Sunday evening. The winner will be announced at the same time the new challenge post comes be sure to check back EVERY Monday to see if you are a winner!

4) Please leave a direct link to your entry in the comments below. The linking tool works sporadically and we don't want to miss your project! (No back-linking please.)

We can't wait to see your project!


  1. All of the cards are awesome, love the new images.
    I really like the image of God holding that tiny baby. Great job, girls.

  2. All the cards are adorable, everyone did a wonderful job this week!!

  3. Great cards, everyone! Love the variety when the challenge is anything goes!!

  4. OMG I missed the deadline, but if you would like to see my card it's at:

  5. Great job ladies--love all of your creations!