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Monday, August 31, 2009

Squigglefly Challenge #17

Good morning everyone and welcome to another challenge from Squigglefly. It is my turn this week so here goes.
Make a card in any shape but square or rectangle.
I hope you all have time to join in this week.

Here is my card-

Here is Vicki's card-

Here is Jeanette's card-
Here is Lora's card-

Here is Debby's card-

Here is Stef's card-

Here is Jodi's card-

Thanks everyone for joining in!

You can now link your own challenge submissions with Mister Linky.


  1. Oh wow!! Everyone did such an awesome job with their shapes!! I'm surprised that I don't see more round ones!! Very clever ideas!!

  2. I agree with Vicki, these are all just awesome! Kudos to the best design team ever!

  3. Don't ask me why I just linked thru Mr. Linky. A senior moment?

    The designers did a beautiful job with the shaped cards. And, not one the same. Amazing.


  4. i never, ever do shaped cards. scares the snot out of me but now that i took the plunge, well gooooollllyyyyy! it wasn't hard at all!

    you ladies are awesome. you surprise me every week with all the cards.

    don't tell anyone, but i think squigglefly has the best DT around!


  5. THESE are some of the best I have seen yet. LOVE LOVE LOVE them!