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Saturday, June 28, 2014

New Faces!


July's release is right around the corner, and we have a big treat for you this month with the addition of three new artists!  We are happy to announce Norma Burnell, Tam Hess, and Angela Charles have joined Squigglefly.  You will get to see their artwork next weekend, but in the mean time here is a little about each artist.

Norma Burnell

“The magic of nature is what inspires me. From the little hummingbirds that visit my garden in summer to the great horned owls heard throughout the winter nights...there is magic in the air!”

Discovering the art of Zentangle about 4 years ago Norma began incorporating "tangles" into her fantasy drawings and thus "Fairy-Tangles™" was born. She received her Zentangle® Teacher Certification in October of 2011 at the 7th Zentangle Teacher Training program held in Providence, RI. She is also a co-author with 3 other fabulous Zentangle artist/teachers for the book, The Art of Zentangle.

Norma Burnell, is an accomplished artist and has been involved in the arts all her life.  She has taught many art classed to both children and adults. In addition to her art, Norma enjoys biking, gardening and being a computer geek. She works full time as a web and graphic designer for a small agency in Newport, RI

Tam Hess

I am Tam Hess, skilled coffee drinker, cake taster and spaceship driver. Professional artist, blogger and photographer. Mostly loved family and fun!

I have always had fun sketching and playing around with whimsical shapes. I enjoy creating something new and different. I especially like to take an object rooted in reality and twist it to my imagination. Most of the little characters and designs are a result of my "skewed" point of view.
I have a website full of card making tips, tricks, and resources at

Angela Charles

Cute, colorful and whimsy doodle drawing has been a part of my art world
since childhood. I began drawing at the age of 8 and knew then I was
destined to create art when I won an art contest at school. I enjoy creating
illustration images that tell a short story or that will inspire others to tell their

Creating happy and friendly art that makes people smile is one of my
passions and daily goals. With my art I aspire to encourage others to
celebrate everyday living because with each day given is truly a gift.


  1. this is wonderful news indeed! you do realize that is 7 long day away?! ;) the waiting will be so very hard....... grins!

    welcome to these talented artists!

    1. Thanks Jen! I hope you will come back in July and see their work!

  2. Awesome! Thanks for the intro Holly :D :)